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Hi, what's up

2016-01-03 03:51:24 by johmja

Hi, what's up? I'm a person who likes to draw and write and act and other freakin' artsy things, I guess. My parents didn't support me doing art shit, so I'm just going to school to learn about computers and I kinda fucking hate it.

Whatever man, fuckit. I've been on Newgrounds or whatever since I could first use a computer, and since I procrasinate my studies and shit by making art, I might as well put it on the internet and "expose" my self, because if this school shit doesn't work out, I'm pretty much fucked.


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2016-01-05 19:23:29

Dude I know exactly what you're talking about. Keep on going though, it will work itself out eventually.

johmja responds:

Hey, thanks. I'm gonna keep it up. Love your stuff btw!